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About our Organization

DWASF was founded in July, 1993. Our mission:
"to encourage, support, and educate girls and women of all ages and competitive levels throughout the state of Delaware by promoting athletics, fitness and recreation"

P. O. Box 224
Newark, DE 19715-0224

Activities                          By-Laws

For more information about DWASF, please email us:
Scholarships, Awards, Membership, General

Our Board of Governors

DWASF officers

Evelyn Edney

Jean Lane

Judy Kreggenwinkel

Phyllis Daniels

At Large Members
Barbara Viera
June Smith
Angela Simms

Board Meetings

Meetings for DWASF are normally held quarterly. If you plan to attend a meeting and are not on the Board, please email eedney1@verizon.net so we can inform you of the meeting date and location.

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